Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleep, H20, Exercise

America is addicted to drugs. Everyone wants a quick fix for their ailments and they look for that quick fix generally in the form of a pill. Just can't give up McDonald's everyday? Don't worry, have some Lipitor. Did you have a bad day at work and are feeling a little stressed? Pop a Xanax. Can't be bothered with watching your diet and exercise but still need to lose a few pounds? Don't worry, there is always Meridia. Do you refuse to reduce sodium in your diet? No problem, that pesky hypertension can always be controlled with a little Diovan. Too lazy to use a condom? Hey, they got a once a day HIV therapy now, Atripla. Go fuck bareback until the cows come home.

All of this may sound weird coming from a pharmacy student but I think sometimes we overlook the simpler, non-pharmacological things we can do for our bodies that can keep us feeling healthy (well, perhaps HIV is bad example since that is an infectious disease not necessarily contracted through poor lifestyle habits). Last week I was a fucking nervous wreck after finals and my car accident. However, once I got back to my regular schedule this week I was reminded just how wonderful it feels to sleep 10 consecutive hours. I also got back to my regular workout regimen and all that physical activity had me forgetting about the shitty week before. I'm feeling great!

With all of the excitement about going to Miami for New Years I completely forgot to mention my trip to Las Vegas coming up......this weekend! I went to Las Vegas almost 4 years ago with a bunch of friends. I had a good time but I wasn't too impressed with the city, nor did I ever anticipate returning there again. It was quite ironic when I found out that the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists would be holding their 42nd annual convention in the city of sin! It is not unsual for students to attend these conventions but generally it is only the 4th year students who go since it is a great networking opportunity. However, I am a big nerd so I am flying to Las Vegas along with my even nerdier Lesbian Friend so we can get a headstart on the networking! I am not to keen on the night life so I doubt I will be doing any clubbing, but let me tell you, that Neiman Marcus outlet store won't know what hit it after I get through!


Blogger L'Innommable said...

You mean when babies are born with HIV? No, being born is not a poor lifestyle habit... LOL. Gosh, that is so funny! No, not being born with HIV, but calling birth a poor lifestyle habit. Is being gay a poor lifestyle habit though? LOL

I hardly ever take meds.... I'm a little afraid of them... and I don't have anything wrong with me that I absolutely need to take anything, so I don't. I used to have an inhaler for my asthma, but I don't have asthma anymore, or at least I haven't had any wheezing for a long time. Yay!

12:45 AM  
Blogger MatadorMexicano said...

so youll only be 4 hours away!!!!

maybe you guys'll makea so cal stop again? lol

12:46 AM  

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