Saturday, February 23, 2008

Apple Bottom Jeans

This week was the end of the Spring quarter at school and I had finals. Anyone who has paid even the slightest interest in my life would know that finals week equals hell. For 5 days straight I have one exam after the other. Literally, all I do for those five days is sleep and study. By the end of the week my house is disgustingly dirty and I have fallen behind with any of my non-academic duties. Today I finally can clean my house, go grocery shopping, file my taxes, file my student financial aid, masturbate, get drunk, etc. Most importantly though I can FINALLY remove my new computer and from their boxes!

Not having my iPod this week has been a nightmare. I have been forced to listen to talk radio every morning during my commute to school. The Kiss FM morning talk show with Drex with actually quite amusing. My favorite topic was probably "I pulled down her panties and there were skid marks". Nevertheless, I still would have prefered some fierce club remixes to wake me up instead of Chicagoland's sexual horror stories in the morning.

Another result of listening to the radio all this week is having the same 5 songs they play over and over stuck in my head. I swear, this is how they brainwash people to buy some of this shit. Without realizing it, the other day I found myself knowing all of the words to T-Pain's "Low". I didn't even know who the fuck T-Pain was before this. By the name I would have guessed it was a new analgesic product developed by the makers of Tylenol. Well, I know that isn't the case and I also know that his "shawty" likes to "hit the flo'" in an attempt to get "low low low low low low low" all the while she is "sportin" her "apple bottom jeans". Now, I as I cling to my youth I try to keep up with all of the street slang these young kids are using but even i had no idea what "apple bottom jeans" were. I had an image of Apple computers expanding into the clothing industry with a new iClothes line for men and women. Well, I was wrong and when I did my google search I found out that it is not an Apple product but rather a clothing line by Nelly.

So not only did I get all A's on my finals and end up on the Dean's List once again, but i also learned what "apple bottom jeans" are! The next time I sing T-Pain's song it shall has so much more meaning! Knowledge is power!


Perhaps I am not clininging to my youth as well as I thought I was OR I attention deficit disorder. I just realized that stupid song is by Flo Rider FEATURING T-Pain. Ugh, can't these rapper people think of normal, easy to remember names John or Bob.


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