Friday, February 08, 2008

Bitter Queens

I hate when strangers request to be my friend on MySpace without bothering to introduce themselves first. Usually they are some crappy new music group, a slutty teen girl with a web cam or some other sort of MySpace spam. Well today I received a request from a Bitter Queen.

I won't reveal his his account name because there is a slim chance this guy really is a nice person, but I couldn't help but judge a book by his cover after I read his nauseating profile. I simply had to vent about these particular types of Bitter Queens

I absolutely cannot stand pretentious gay boys that have to go on and on about how "different" they are from other gay guys because they aren't into the "gay scene" (here in Chicago I guess that would be Boystown) and have discovered the far superior and drama free world of heterosexual (nightclubs). The Myspace Bitter Queen (MSBQ for short) rambled how he's "been stampeding through the streets of Boys Town for about four years" and that his "boots are a little worn out". He continues with "Let’s be real for a second, everyone knows everyone (and their business) so there is nothing like walking into the bar and getting the “Up and Down” from the first fifteen queens you walk past. Now I might just be speaking from my own personal experience but I have done some research and the results are in… Gays are haters but so am I, lol."

Did I mention the guy is only 21? That means he started parading around on Halsted when he was 17. I am by no means saying my life is the way everyone should live but what the fuck. I was still in highschool when I was 17. Hell, I was still working on my undergrad degree when I was 21. The last thing on my mind was parading down the gayest street in my city. Where the hell was MSBQ's parents? Jeez! I can't help but wonder if this is the real problem with all of these jaded bitter queens who stick their nose up any sort of mainstream gay establishment. Perhaps they need to realize where you hang out or where you live doesn't define who you are or the quality of life you live. Going to bars, whether it be gay or straight, serves as a distraction from the things in life that really matter; work, family, friends, an education, etc. The "scene" is entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

As for the "fifteen queens" giving nasty looks, well, I have heard that story before from people over and over and all I can say is this: If you go out acting like a bitchy cunt you will get treated like one. I smile, I laugh, I joke, I get my drink on. I leave the negativity at home. My shit stinks just like everyone else's (actually it probably stinks worse because I eat alot of beans) and based on my many experiences I can honestly say people pick up on the positive or negative energy you emit and react accordingly.

The majority of my friends live very removed from the gay scene (Boystown). This isn't because they have made it a point to be different and denounce the evils of the gay ghetto. They simply have established their lives in various areas of the city that are convenient for them.

Bottom line: Maybe these Bitter Queens should be bitter of the fact that they wasted so many years of their youth not doing anything productive or worth being proud of. Boasting your abandonment of gay establishments is hardly an accomplishment worth bragging about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Amazing and I am glad you can tell it like it really is-you always have!:)

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