Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tell It Like It T-I-S

As I get older (and I know that is hard to believe as I am about as ageless as Cher and Joan Rivers combined) I find myself becoming more and more blunt with people. Perhaps I am just fed up with taking people's shit after 24 years? in point:

So I met this guy online a few weeks ago. In his pictures he looked like LL Cool J. We exchanged numbers and conversed on the phone a few times. Once I determined he was a potentially safe, sane and educated gentleman I agreed to meet him in person. Well, Mr Cool J ended up being more like Star Jones BEFORE the gastric bypass surgery. So I oh so politely excused myself by sneaking out the back door when he was distracted with a phone call. Perhaps that was cowardly of me and I should have just said to his face "Wow, you used fake pictures to lure me here!" but I really wasn't in the mood to be confrontational nor did I feel like being mean and making fun of a fat person in denial. Anyhoo he texted me later calling me all sorts of childish names. Now, I was fine with just forgetting about this whole incident but I unfortunately had to resort to abolute bitchy rudeness. I replied back:

"I'm a flake? Um, that's ironic coming from someone who uses fake pictures or pictures that were taken 50 pounds ago. Goodbye."

Needless to say I didn't get a response back :)


Blogger musicbeing said...

oh old was this person? Was he light skinned? I think I used to work with someone that matches that description!

11:41 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

you used to work with a fat black gay man? Wow, that narrows it down! LOL

1:19 AM  
Blogger musicbeing said...

no no no...a fat black guy man who would alway send pictures of "50 lbs ago" and yeah, he was light skinned and was I guess cute. He was scuzzy too with 0 personality which made it weirder. You'd think you'd be honest and not lie especially if you have no personality to back the lie up with.

2:02 AM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

i guess he was an around the kfc girl...

8:55 PM  

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