Friday, May 16, 2008

Yo en-tiehn-doe means I get it.

one of the quirkiest songs on Madonna's latest poptastic best selling album, "Hard Candy", is a song called "Spanish Lesson". It's completely pointless and retarded....but oh so much fun! It couldn't have come at a better time as I brush up on my Spanish to prepare for my trip to Cancun. Yes, I am traveling once again. This time a coworker invited me to stay at her time share at an exclusive posh resort........for FREE! So I totally could not turn down the offer. I found a very cheap plane ticket so the for the next few days I am going to be on the playa in my cute Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit soaking up the sun. I don't plan on coming back with any crazy stories. I have uploaded a bunch of movies I have been wanting to watch on my iPod so I think that's what I will be doing the majority of the time.

I am relieved to be getting away not only because cheap vacations are always a good thing but this second year in pharmacy school kicked my ass. I know my life seems like one non-stop adventure but it couldn't be further from the truth. I am just good at making anything sound fun and exciting. The truth is I have not seen the majority of my friends in weeks (some not for several months). Many people's birthdays have come and gone and I completely forgot. I feel terrible but having to sacrifice a personal life was part of the deal when I started at Midwestern. I was warned that the second year of school is the hardest but I thought those were merely rumors. I was mistaken. I feel like I have learned everything about everything. Seriously, I think I had exams almost every week. Today I took my last final and I was just so completely drained from studying, writing papers, presenting projects, and the million and one extra curricular activities I am involved in that I didn't even care if I did well. Sometimes it's ok to get a "B"! LOL

Although I will not have this summer off like I did last year, I am excited to be starting first two of six internships I need to complete before I graduate. The fist one is at a neighborhood hospital. I am so glad it is within walking distance because I am sick of driving out to the burbs!


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