Monday, May 26, 2008

Cancún Y Yo

I had such a nice time in Cancún that I extended my vacation a couple days. It was a very relaxing time and while I did check out the straight night life I really had no desire to explore any gay spots. I really was too lazy to go anywhere else and not to mention, unlike Miami, there were really no hot guys in sight. (In other words the locals were ugly as fuck). Cancún was very touristy but at the same time it was not as Americanized as I was anticipating. Once away from the resort a non-Spanish speaking visitor would probably struggle finding someone who could speak fluent and intelligible English. The only part of the trip I didn't care for was the long time it took to get through Mexican customs. Considering this is a town built around the tourist industry you would think they would have a more efficient way of dealing with tired travelers who have just spent several hours on a plane.

I was also disappointed with the shopping choices. With the exception of Diesel, it seemed like everything was over priced compared to what I would find in the US. I did have a wonderful three (yes three) visits to the local Mixup. I forgot how easy it is spend a shit load of money at a music store!

So I have one more week left of my "summer vacation". Tonight I am attending the final International Mr Leather party in downtown Chicago. It should be fierce!


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