Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bloody Sunday, Ash Wednesday

Ugh, I fucking hate winter. If the constant snow, sleet, slush and cold temperatures wasn't bad enough, I have to deal with constant bloody noses and dry ashy skin! I tried creating some humidity by taking a long steamy hot shower the other night but my nose just ended up bleeding in the shower. It was so gross watching big chunky blood clots go down the drain. Ewww. If this didn't happen to me every year I would probably think I had some sort of bleeding disorder. This is another sign that I need to move to a warmer, more humid climate. Fuck this shit!

The dry skin is horrible too. I have to constantly apply moisturizer. Fortunately L'oreal has some great products. For my face this is my favorite one....

but I have more bitching. The last time I stocked up on this I accidentally bought the "scent free" variety.....which ironically smells like a burning plastics factory. So much for the "scent free" claim. How the hell does the scented version have less of a smell than the scent free?

Grrrrr.....fucking winter.


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