Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sex 4 $ale

I know it may seem as though I have been neglecting my blog and well, technically I have. This isn't because I am tired of blogging and I am on the verge of abandoning Blogger. The problem is the past month I have been overwhelmed with life. I suppose that is nothing new but now that graduation is just 9 months away I feel like I am passing the point of no return and things are just going to get more and more hectic. I find myself having to make "to do" lists on a daily basis to keep up with my various class assignments, duties as treasurer for one organization, president for another and then the various professional meetings across the country I must attend. A few weeks ago I was a in Peoria, IL for a weekend for the ICHP leadership retreat. This weekend I am heading to Orlando (with a quick stop in Miami of course!) for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists midyear national conference. I will be representing my school's student chapter while I am there so I am very excited. This will also be a good opportunity to explore pharmacy career options and residency programs across the country as I continue to lean towards the idea of leaving Chicago after graduation.

Anyhoo, the title of my post is not about my busy schedule. I would never make someone pay for sex with me. I have enough self respect to give it away for free. However, the title does refer to my latest batch of Ebay sales. One of my Secret Friends recently took a job in Germany and moved away (ironically he is back in town for a few days while I will be in Orlando/Miami). Anyone who has been to my house knows I have a vast collection of porn, thus he donated his entire VHS porn collection to me since he could not take much with him to Germany. I didn't have the heart to tell him that his taste in porn is very different from mine and I probably wouldn't watch much of it. So, I decided to sell it all on Ebay. So far I have made $100! Lucky me! That pays for the two text books I had to purchase this quarter at school. I love porn and I love it even more now knowing that even the crappy 90's stuff can be so helpful.


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