Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stop the H8

I apologize for the lack of posts this past week. it seems like everytime I tried to sit down to write something I got interrupted. Perhaps this is for the best because after election day I was angry as hell and probably wouldn't have been able to calm myself in order to write a coherent post.

So the buzz this week everywhere is the our newly elected President, Barack Obama. I had a long conversation with a friend of mine the other day. We voted for different candidates but we both agreed that everyone has their own list of priorities when it comes voting for a candidate. We also concluded that people who vote without having an opinion at all about the issues are fucking idiots.

While I was curious to see how this presidential election would end, I was more interested in the gay marriage battle taking place in California. And with over $70 million going towards that campaign I am sure I wasn't the only one. Proposition 8 is a proposition to ammend California's state constitution. It is unique in that it was the first time such a proposal was put to vote AFTER the legalization of gay marriage in a state. While many other states have passed laws preventing any possible future gay marriages, this is the first time currently married gay couples were facing a very abrupt end to their legal marital status. While the religious bullies, in particular the Mormon Church in Utah, poured money and hate to make sure this bill passed, there was surprisingly much support from the Human Rights Campaign, Hollywood, Google, and even Apple to fight this discriminatory proposition and step backwards for human civil rights. While the bill passed it is worth mentioning the difference was a mere 400,000 in favor of banning gay marriage. Considering just 8 years ago a similar measure lost with a 60/40 split, this in itself was amazing. Times are changing. We have a black president when just 50 years segrated school systems were the norm. Unfortunately the gay rights civil movement still has a ways to go.

And this is why I was so frustrated and angry last week. I was angry that Bible banging zealots continue to shove their religious doctrine down the throats of the unwilling. There is suppose to be a separation of church from state in this country. We are suppose to have freedom of religion AND freedom from religion. I was angry that a matter of civil rights was even left to the general public's vote. Our government is meant to protect the minority from the majority.

Most improtantly though I am angry with the many gays (including some that I consider friends) who are so completely apathetic to politics and/or gay rights. I don't know if it is because they are just lazy or perhaps too young to appreciate the progress that has been made. I see all the barely legal queens on Halsted Street prancing around covered in glitter and women's clothing and I wonder how many of them realize just 30 years ago such a public display of flamboyance would have gotten them arrested, beaten up or killed.......and no one would have cared or very little legal action would have ensued (hate crimes protecting gays is a fairly new thing). I am angry when I hear a gay men say "Well what do I care, I don't want to get married". I just want to shake them until they realize Propostion 8 and such acts are not about marriage. There is a bigger picture there. Did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat just because she thought riding on the front of the bus had the best view? No! Homegirl was fed up with white people thinking their fatigue and sore feet were more important than a black person's. She was sick and tired of constantly being reminded her value as a person was less than that of a white person. She was sick and tired the same way the thousands of committed gay couples in California are sick and tired. Love is going to keep those couples together regardless of a law, but it is a slap in the face as a HUMAN BEING to be reminded everyday that your monogamous relationship isn't acknowledged by the government because you are gay. Gays have accomplished much in the past decade but the stigma, hate and discrimination is still alive and well.

It IS bullshit.

But that's not to say all is done and over. Luckily there are gays who AREN'T apathetic about their rights. Legal action is currently underway in California to stop Proposition 8. Apparently if it is interpreted as a constitutional "revision" instead of an "ammendment" then the only way it can be passed is with a 2/3 legislative rule. There is also a move to lash back at the Mormon Church for using their tax expempt money for political propaganda.

Check it out here:

Mormons Stole Our Rights

In Massachusets and Conneticut gay marriage remains safe. In other New England states the environement is looking very optimistic for the gay rights movement. So I am not completely angry. If anything I am more hopeful than ever before. History tends to repeat itself and suppressed minorities eventually overcome their oppressors. It just takes a little time and effort.

I have never considered myself an activist but this entire issue has ignited something inside of me that isn't going to diminish so easily.

I think this videos sums up quite nicely how I feel. I can't think of a more eloquent way to have said this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:30pm protest proposition 8 @ federal plaza downtown.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Um what day? Tomorrow?

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Ren said...

WOW I wasn't as educated as I thought I was on proposition 8.Thanks so much for the enligthenment. I know we had briefly talked about it But Damn! I'm in for the fight! Let me know what else I can possibly do to reject this ridiculous thing. Stay strong Love ya! ITs worth fighting for!

4:12 PM  

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