Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 8 Songs of 2008 *EDITED*

1.Janet Jackson - Rock With U: Depsite its floptastic chart performance, I couldn't get enough of this song or its well choreographed and filmed video. I don't understand why Top 40 radio ignored this rnb/dance gem. This song was the perfect follwoup to Janet's "Feedback" which in my opinion was her best output in years!

2. Madonna - Give It 2 Me: Madonna's Hard Candy will be best remebered for the iconic duet with Justin Timberlake and the record breaking sell out tour that followed. However, my favorite part will be this single. Simple lyrics layed over a frenetic dance beat kept this song on the top of all of my playlists.

3. Metro Station - Shake It: This was the ultimate guilty pleasure for this year. I was initially ashamed to admit I liked something even remotely associated with Miley Cyrus but I don't care! How did these little kids manage to pull off such a cool 80's retro dance sound? They probably hadn't even been born! LOL. Shake it indeed!

4. Ne-Yo - Closer: This single was brilliant as it was a throwback to the days of 70's disco soul but with a modern twist. Kudos to Ne-Yo for creating such an unconventional mainstream song!

5. Lady Gaga - Just Dance: Have you ever wondered what Christina Aguilera would be like if she didn't over sing to the point of self-parody, had a head that wasn't too big for her body and actually recorded good pop music? Well, you would have Lady Gaga and her song "Just Dance"! This was a brilliant pop song that works just as well on the dancefloors as it does at home or on the radio. Sheer pop brilliance without any pretentious distractions!

6. Estelle - American Boy: I remeber stumbling across Estelle's 2004 UK debut a few years back and thinking to myself, "She has potential but needs better material". Well, this infectious song featuring Kanye West slowly crept up the charts and became one of my favorite tunes of the year. Much liek Ne-Yo, I love the modernized retro feel it has.

7. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body: Leave it to Mariah Carey to compose a song that would dare include "You Tube" in the lyrics. It's simply so bad that it's good! The video too is hilarious. While it may be impossible to find footage of her infamous ice cream TRL incident online anymore, Mimi isn't afraid to poke fun at her psychotic tendencies and big diva antics.

8. New Kids On The Block - Single: A NKOTB reunion album and tour sounded like a really bad joke at first, but had surprisingly amazing results. Their album, and in particular this song "Single", gave them an updated sound that wasn't awkward or embarrassing, much like their 1994 attempt to reinvent themselves.


Oh, and I almost forgot about this one...shame on me! My bonus pick has to be......

Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight: Jennifer must be a marketing nightmare for her record company. She has a huge voice well suited for musicals and theater (ie "Dreamgirls") but how do you take that voice and tame it for the mainstream without trying to compete head on with all the Beyonces and Rhiannas dominating the charts? Well, "Spotlight" is not only a catchy and lively song but it suits Jennifer perfectly. The thumping beat and smooth melody easily appeals to pop and RnB audiences alike without forcing Jennifer to "under" sing the song. She sounds brilliant and the dance remixes were fierce too!


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