Monday, December 22, 2008

Let The Right One In

So the other night I was out with my boo , Mario and after having a lovely Thai dinner at Sura we decided to see a movie. Century Mall always has cool foreign and independent films playing so we decided to head over there. Besides, it was so cold I don't think we would have survived walking any further. Anyhoo, the films at Century mall can be hit or miss so we read the synopsis for each one before buying our tickets. I was a little hesitant when Mario suggested that we see "Let The Right One In" (the trailer is posted above). The movie basically sounded like a Swedish version of "Twilight". A young boy befriends a little girl vampire. How corny, right? Wow, I was not only wrong to make such an assumption but the movie surpassed my expectations. The movie was a genuine thriller with some really creepy and at times extremely gory moments. Kudos to the makeup crew for providing some of the greatest bloody moments I have ever seen. Honestly, the entire love story played second fiddle to the much darker plot of the little girl vampire's intense appetite.

Mario and I went out again last night and saw "The Day The Earth Stood Still". We were out in the suburbs so we had no choice but to see a big screen mainstream Hollywood production. It was a cool movie but I think I liked the vampire one better :)


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