Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's OVAH!

Well, not exactly....

I've been meaning to update my blog all week. Unfortunately I had final exams until Wednesday. Thursday my internet was not working and yesterday I spent my day running errands. I also have been cleaning my house out. Wow, I have, or I should say, had so much JUNK! I decided that I need to get rid of at least half of the stuff I have before I move to Miami this Fall. So I may have a four day weekend but I am not doing anything overly exciting. The good news is that classes are OVAH! And when I mean OVAH I mean that I have finished all of of my required courses. Starting next week I will resume the rest of my clinical training at various sites (hospitals, clinicals, pharmacies, etc) throughout Chicago until August. That will be challenging but at least I don't have to sit in a boring lecture hall anymore! Nevertheless I have enjoyed my time at Midwestern University. During my undergrad years in Milwaukee I worked full time so I basically showed up to class and did the bare minimum to pass. I didn't really make any friends and I had very few chances to even get to know the faculty. I am even a bit ashamed to say that I had to work the day of my graduation.

My time at Midwestern has been different. Most people I know probably wouldn't realize it but I am a big nerd. I haven't simply been showing up to class, taking notes and going back home. I have been extremely active on campus....probably too active! I am proud to say that as a class liaison I have been able to develop a rapport with a majority of the faculty and the Dean. As class president I think I honed my people and organizing skills. Putting together a charity/fundraiser event takes SOOOO much work! But most importantly I am proud of the work I did with the student chapter of ICHP. The networking I did will surely pay off but being a part of a professional organization really made me understand the difference between having a "job" and having a "career". The picture below was taken with the Dean, our faculty advisor, and the president of the NATIONAL organization. I like to think it represents a culmination of all the hard work I have put in the past three years outside of the classroom.

In less serious, more superficial news...........

I am LOVING my new Toyota Yaris! Shit, I have driven all over and still have a half a tank of gas. And as Fernanda pointed out, it's one of the Top 10 Gay Friendly cars! (I'm not sure who makes such a list or what constitutes "gay friendly" but I need something else to brag about)

I did have one minor problem with my Yaris. The tire pressure light wouldn't turn off so I had to bring the car back to the dealership so they could reset it. While I was waiting I wondered over to Barnes & Noble and bought the latest W magazine. OMIGOD. The Madonna pictorial is FIERCE. I love the fact that she has morphed into this 50 year old cougar. Her new boy toy could be her son......and she don't give a fuck! LOVES IT! (and I must say, I wouldn't mind a boy toy like any age!)


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