Friday, March 13, 2009

Gym Litter

I belong to a gym in my neighborhood. I am usually there 5 times a week. Even after I have had a really rough and exhausting day it is such a stress reliever to turn on my iPod and work up a sweat for 90 minutes. Even though I am surrounded by people, I feel like I am in my own little world for those 90 minutes. It's a lovely feeling really.....well, until I stumble across some gym Litter.

Gym Litter is what I call the people who come to the gym to do everything BUT work out. They linger by every single piece of equipment attempting to strike up conversations with anyone willing to listen about their irritable bowel syndrome, job promotion, bad knee, Lasik or gastric bypass surgery (or something else equally uninteresting). Some make futile attempts to pretend they are working out. While I respect them for somewhat using the gym for its intended purpose, this sub-class of Gym Litter also succeeds to annoy me and others since they stand in the way of the other weights or equipment so no one else can get through.

Finally my gym is located in Chicago's Gayborhood there is also the additional nuisance of Gym Litter that simply are looking for a hook up. I'm all for casual sex but some of these guys look thirstier than a Catholic priest at a Boyscout weekend retreat. They are fucking creepy and NOT discreet at all. Seriously, even a clumsy person suffering from muscular dystrophy could hold onto his towel better than some of these pervs. Honestly, if I want to jerk off in the steam room I would go to a bath house....not my neighborhood gym! Geez!


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