Monday, March 30, 2009


Have you ever had a friend that suddenly developed "boyfrienditis"? The signs and symptoms are usually the always the same. The friend calls you all of the time to hang out, go shopping, get drunk at the bars and then suddenly he/she disappears. As you are about to call the local missing persons center you find out that the person has a boyfriend. This situation always irks the fuck out of me and sadly I must admit it has happened MANY times. It is partially for this reason I am "cleaning house" as I mentioned in my previous entry. I realize some people are big losers and their self worth can only be determined by being in a relationship but I do not appreciate being used as some sort of human Blockbuster that entertains the single folk until they find a boyfriend to tend to their codependencies.


BUT.....sometimes boyfrienditis can work to my advantage! For example, I have a friend who is currently in the most dysfunctional relationship ever. I know when him and his boyfriend are having a dispute because....well, this friend finally calls me after 4 weeks of not even acknowledging my existence. It goes without saying that this friend is one of my "high maintenance" friends. So when I look at the big picture, his case of boyfrienditis actually works to my advantage. Instead of weekly drama I only have to deal with monthly drama. My stress levels have been reduced significantly so I must thank the God/Allah/Buddah/Dannii MInogue for the dysfunctional relationships of those around me. I just hope they don't think I am going to cover the hospital bills when the next dispute ends in a fist fight!


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