Friday, June 19, 2009

The 90's takes us back to.....the 80's?

The 90's novelty group, Aqua (remember "Barbie Girl"?) are back wit ha Greatest Hits album apparently (WTF? Weren't they a one hit wonder?). Anyhoo, they have a new song and i am not ashamed to admit that I remember every single 80's pop culture reference they make as if it were yesterday! Yes, I'm fucking old but I don't look a day over 12 so it's all good.

Also, since it's been a awhile since I raved about my new favorite musical ditties, I simply HAVE to expressed my LOVE for probably one of the GAYEST and CAMPEST pop albums of the the year......."Disco Defenders" by Alcazar. Seriously, after listening to this album I can safely say a Cher's greatest hits album makes me feel more butch! They are huge in Sweden and other parts of Europe but have never really had much success here in the US. They have always been so deliciously tacky but their songs almost always have the catchiest hooks so it's hard to hate on them for their bad dance moves, Aqua Net hair and bad clothes. Just check out the latest single and you'll see what I mean!


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