Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ahi Viene Iris Chacón!

Last night was Sidetrack's anniversary party. It was a private affair but considering I am practically an honorary Sidetrack employee it wasn't hard to get invited. I went with Israel, my ex-gym Sister and his new Boy Toy. There was an open bar that I took advantage of with little shame. I had as many glasses of champagne my two hands could hold the entire night. I am not used to drinking like that during the week but the hangover today was worth the fun. I always get a kick the following day looking at the pictures I took while I was drunk. While I remember the night I don't remember taking all of these pictures. Nor do I know whose sunglasses those are. I hope I returned them to the owner in one piece! The title of my post refers to the VERY random video of Puerto Rican vedette Iris Chacón that was played at the beginning of the evening. Sidetrack rarely caters to their Latino crowd except for the occasional beefcake homemade gay video for David Bisbal's "Oye El Boom". Perhaps they played it in honor of the upcoming Puerto Rican parade in Chicago? Speaking of which, I always miss that every year! Well, pictures describe the night probably better than words........


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