Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks alot you bitch! (LOL J/K)

There are very few things, or people for that matter, that can make me cry. The last time I even got a little teary eyed was at the end of that movie "The Orphanage". Shit, I was gripping the couch trying not to cry like a little school girl, LOL. I think before that the only time I cried was during the the horror of watching Celine Dion do air guitar on Divas Live 2002/2003.

Well, in the past few weeks I've been in a shitty mood to be quite honest. I keep chugging along because there is just too much shit to do for me to stop and mope. Nevertheless I feel like I have been trapped in my own little world that very few people understand, or even take the time to try to understand and I am sick of explaining. If after all these years I still need to explain my degree, career goals, and current situation pending graduation then I fucking give up, I'll just tell people I'm a prostitute. It requires less explanation I suppose.

Anyhoo, there is someone out there who no matter how far away she might be (and let me tell you that homegirl goes all over the fucking place) knows just when to drop in and brighten my day. I would try to do the same for her but I think the only place I am guaranteed to find her is ironically on my blog. Anyhoo, she sent me the above video and I confess I cried like a bitch. Thanks alot! LOL

Well, it was a good sort of crying. The video is a very touching. And I did a double check in the mirror and my MAC cover-up is still intact so as long as my makeup ain't streaked I'm all good.


Anonymous :) said...

You know I think about you all the time and love ya! Didn't mean to make you so teary-eyed! I'm in the middle of all the same BS too!.....You haven't called me a bitch in so long LOL Really miss you.

1:37 PM  

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