Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Change of Plans

My "summer vacation" is over and I started my second to last clinical rotation this week. I am not too happy that it is in the ghetto, but I must admit it is one of my most unique rotations thus far. I am spending the next 6 weeks in an anticoagulation clinic. Patients requiring long-term treatment with blood thinners come for weekly visits and see a clinical pharmacist (or pharmacy intern such as myself) and have their medication doses adjusted based on a quick interview and blood test. This ensures the people either don't die from a stroke from being under medicated or bleed to death from being over medicated. I can't say this is something I would want to do for a living but it is a very good learning experience.

Speaking of which, I have decided to hold off on my job hunt for a little bit. I have also completely re-thought my plan for moving. I think I have been thinking too short-term. I have been seeing myself in Miami this winter and that's it. No exceptions. Perhaps geographically limiting myself is not what's best for my future career plans. I already know that I want to do post-graduate training and finding an institution that will offer a two year program so I can specialize in a desired area is probably more important in the long-term. Regardless of what programs I apply to for 2010 I will need to find a job...ANYWHERE...for 9 months. However, I am opening up my search for post-grad programs to the ENTIRE country. New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, LA, San Diego, Houston, etc. I have invested too much time and money in my education to settle for anything less than what will be the best for my future career plans.


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