Monday, June 08, 2009

Twice as Nice

So apparently I have a twin in Chicago. About 6 completely random strangers in the past few weeks have either asked if I was "just at a coffee shop on Halsted" or "out at Sidetrack on Tuesday" or "dropping off my shirts at the cleaners". In all of the examples mentioned, none of those sightings could have been me. I don't drink coffee on Halsted, I don't go out during the week and I haven't had any dry cleaning in years. What's even stranger is the look people give me. It's like they are confused or stunned and can't figure out why I look just like this other person but....I'm not! Based on these sightings I am sure this twin of mine is gay, in which case I hope to meet him and have sex. I always wondered how I am in bed and this would be the perfect opportunity to find out!


Blogger bomitoni said...

Actually when Olivia was in town and we were at After Dark, she almost ran up to this guy who she thought was you! From far away I did a double take, but up close I soon realized it was not my Milwaukee Sister. I wonder if it's the same guy?

8:59 PM  

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