Monday, June 22, 2009


So I don't watch much TV except for a little "Family Guy" if I am at the gym late at night......and if I am at the gym a little earlier in the evening I am checking out UBER hottie/beefaroni, William Levy on "Cuidado Con El Angel".


Anyhoo getting back on topic, so despite my lack of interest in TV I have been fully aware about this huge transition from analog to digital TV and that people who were't prepared with either cable, satellite or a convertor box were going to be left with a fuzzy screen come June 12th. And guess which one of those categories apply to me?

If you said "fuzzy screen" you are correct! Despite all of warnings and announcements I am left with a completely useless television.....and I am perfectly OK with that! I only hang onto my tv so I can watch my porn DVD's or occasional horror flick. Otherwise it is an expensive dust collector in my apartment. I have not interest in paying for cable either. What for? If I need entertainment I prefer to either leave my house or do it on my own terms (like play a DVD). If I need news, weather or want to see a new music video, I go online. TV became such an non-essential part of my life that not even being left without a signal has prompted me to take any action. Good riddance I say :)


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