Monday, August 10, 2009

The Angry Ethnic

So my last post gave me the idea to have a few more posts this week about people (or persons) that fucking annoy me. The other day it was the old door man that pisses me off everytime I come home with my grocery bags. This time I need to bitch about The Angry Ethnic.

I will admit that racism and discrimination is alive and well in this country. I will also admit non-caucasians probably have to struggle a bit harder than caucasians in CERTAIN parts of the country. But in huge cities like Chicago, minorities have the upperhand. Nevertheless there is always that one Angry Ethnic who needs to be uber dramatic and act like some imaginary person is opressing him.

Case in point: Last year I met this mexican-american guy online. We never met in person because he was butt ugly and totally not my type but I added him to my Yahoo messenger and we chatted every now and then. Well, he had moved here from New York and all he ever did was bitch about Chicago. According to him, Chicago is only a good city if you are white or asian. Latinos have no future here. They are mistreated, bla bla bla....I never see any brown faces at my work..... bla bla bla bla....they only want mexicans to clean floors....bla bla bla.

Yet apparently New York was some sort of ethnic utopia where no Mexicans did service jobs. Only the white folk did that and hispanics were doctors, lawyers and dentists. I really didn't know how to respond to his ranting. He would also go off on tangents about how he can't find any friends in Chicago because people here are "fake" and that he can't find a boyfriend because all the gay men are "bitchy queens". I personally thought his problem was the fact he was a whiny Debbie Downer, but hey, what do I know?

I tried to point out that his ideas of Chicago were slight misconceptions. Coming from Wisconsin I can definitely say the Latino presence in the Chicagoland area extends far beyond service jobs. If there was a nuclear holocaust all the Mexicans in the city would probably be the first to show up and put the city back together (and sell some elotes in the process!).

Well, my Mexican Debbie Downer friend from yahoo eventually did make it back to New York. Lucky him. I happened to be on Yahoo messenger the other day after not having used it in many months. Of course, he was there. I was surprised to see him online during the day on the weekend because surely he should have 1,000 new Latino lawyer friends in Manhattan by now that he could do something with, right?

Or maybe the Angry Ethnic syndrome can't be cured with a simple change in geographic location.


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