Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pseudo Breakup

I am going to interrupt my string of rants this week about annoying people to update the status of my "pseudo relationship". Well, I was wondering how one goes about a pseudo-break up and I found out today first hand. The experience was rather strange. It was everything I expected to be yet everything about it surprised me. Afterwards I was left wondering if I did the right thing. Or did I make a big mistake? Do I only know what I had now that it is gone? Did I ever really care at all? Would I have cared if things were different? Will Dannii Minogue ever record another album?

So many questions and I am not sure if they are circling my mind because a practical and organized person like myself doesn't like when plans don't go as anticipated or if there is something else bothering me.

Ultimately though the decision has been made and I can't dwell on the outcome, good or bad. I have to chalk this up as a life experience and make sure that the only quaestion left circling my mind when I go to bed tonight is, as Miss Jody Wately so eloquently puts it, "how will I use the knowledge for the next chapter?"


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