Saturday, October 31, 2009


So today the official countdown begins. For quite some time I have felt lost in limbo....and now everything is happening so fast! I got all the paperwork ready so I can start my new job November 16th. On Wednesday I am flying to West Palm Beach for a drug and health screen and to look for a place to live. Then depending on the moving company I will be leaving Chicago permanently November 11th or 12th.'s really happening. I am glad I have had the chance to see as many people as I could these past two months. I have been able to tie up several loose ends. There are still a few more matters to tend to before I leave but I am thus far quite satisified with my work.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Halloween Parade in Lakeview. That is always fun but I am more excited about next week Saturday...........

I will miss all of the fierce party invites that my Sista M makes for me! I'm leaving Chicago in style lol.


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