Friday, October 09, 2009

On A Night Like This

Well almost at least.

Well, Kylie Minogue would have performed my top 5 favorite songs had there not been a technical difficulty that forced her to skip "On A Night Like This" :( The flip side to that was the impromptu acapella performance of her UBER gay camp classic "Your Disco Needs You". Audience members begged her to sing this while we waited for watever problem there was to get fixed. Holy shit, homegirl even did the opera portion. I guess no one can say Kylie can't sing!

It was almost surreal as Kylie Minogue descended from a giant silver skull singing "Light Years". This woman has been an international superstar for over 20 years but due to her lack of mainstream popularity in the US I thought I would eventually have to travel overseas to see her perform live. I think even she was amazed by the warm response she received. It felt like the crowd was more grateful just to have the opportunity to see her....and she was grateful just to see so many faithful fans turn out for the show. Needless to say the audience was 95% gay men from all over the midwest, LOL. I didn't get distracted by the eye candy though. All my attention was on Kylie (and her sexy dancers! yum!). All in all I must say Kylie joins Madonna and Ricky Martin as far as my favorite live performers ever (yes I said Ricky Martin. If you never saw his Black And White tour then keep your opinions to yourself. The man is a genious!)

Hopefully it won't be another 20 years before she comes back again!


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