Thursday, July 28, 2005

Do You Dare?

It has been another busy week for Mr. Sexbox here.........but first things first.

Do you have some secret desire (the naughtier the better!) that no one knows about and that so far you have never dared to do it? Well, let me tell you about my secret desire/fantasy........warning though, it's quite slutty! lol

I have always wanted to get some leather chaps and a leather jock strap and then go dressed like that to a sleazy leather bar! oooh, just the thought of all of the leather daddies grabbing my bare behind gets me excited. However, leather clothing items are very expensive and I can't imagine spending $300 on one outfit for one night. Another thing that would concern me is how does one walk of the house dressed like that??? I can't imagine walking down the street, surely the police would stop me, right? oooh, but that would be a whole other secret fantasy of mine, tee hee!
Hmmm, perhaps if I have extra money this winter I will go ahead and do it. At least that way I could wear a long coat to cover myself before getting to the bar.

The closest I have come to this is wearing a pair of regular pants at an International Mr. Leather event two years ago. IML is heald anually here in Chicago and it is always fun Memorial Day weekend to see all of the leather daddies in Boystown! I am so intrigued by the whole leather culture. I can definitely understand why people find it to be so erotic.

Ok, enough of let's see, last weekend was pretty good. I went out with Jorge to Hydrate on Friday. I had a blast. Jorge is such an alcoholic though and kept buying drinks for us. Unfortunately, I can't hold my liquor as well as he can. I don't remember much, but apparently I approached some guy in the bathroom who had already hooked up with another guy and I told him "I can do everything he can but 10 times better", oh no! I'm such a man stealing whore! lol. Well, luckily Jorge made sure I got home safely and didn't end up in some stranger's house.

Saturday wasn't that much fun. I had a hangover and I had to work. I went with Freddy, Michael and Juan (aka Juanita La Del Barrio) to Roscoes. Ewwww, it was very boring. At least we went for pizza afterwards. PieHole has the BEST pizza in Chicago, IMO. Unfortunately it is a bit pricey. Freddy was nice enough to pay for everyone's pizza though. He's such a sweetheart :)

Well, I haven't done much else since then. Chicago had some horribly hot days (on Sunday the temperature reached 104F!). I mostly stayed in the house. Well, I am working this upcoming weekend. Maybe I will have something fun to talk about then....



Blogger Piers said...

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Blogger Dee said...

I have a few secret desires... One of them involves hooking up with a HOT guy in a public place (Charlies, or Hydrate) with tons of hot guys looking at us, and having sex right on the dance floor in front of all to see. This sort of happened in Vegas however we were covered by a crowd that gathered around us so the entire club could not see.

7:52 AM  

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