Friday, August 26, 2005

Apartment Hunting: The Saga Continues!

So today I went with Janet to view a couple places (she's the real estate friend I mentioned earlier, and quite the fierce lesbian too!). Anyhoo, I looked at places in the Lincoln Park and Gold Coast neighborhoods of Chicago. There was only one place that was promising. The other places I hated. The one I did like was HUGE. It was more like a loft than an apartment and it was only $999 (that's cheap for the areas I'm looking in). Unfortunately there was no parking available so I would have to rent a parking spot around the corner. This wouldn't be a problem but the owner said someone had already submitted and application, which means by the time I make my decision it will probably be too late.

So, tomorrow I am headed downtown to look at a few high-rise apartment buildings. I have always wanted to live in downtown Chicago. I love the big city life. So I figure why not look at apartments down there. I suppose if Iam going to spend alot in rent it might as well be something luxurious! I do have one more place to look at this weekend that is still in the Lincoln Park area. It is REALLY cheap because it is located next to the "El" (the elevated train). I will see exactly how nice the place is and how noisy it is. I can't imagine the sound of the train bothering me, since I am used to living in loud, congested areas, but I want to be sure.

oooh, and there is an update on the guy that is hotter than Mario Lopez that i met a few weekes ago online, Jay. We still have not met in person, but I was talking to him today. He lives downtown and was giving me a little advice about looking for places. he told me also to give him a call tomorrow while I am downtown so we could "hang out", which I am surely means "we can fuck", but hey, i am not one to jump to conclusions :)

Well, I will be sure to post my weekly Beefaroni befoe the weekend is over. I know for a fact there are a few of you reading this that definitely enjoy the pictures of my half naked men. Toodles!


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