Saturday, August 20, 2005


So it is Saturday evening and my only plans are to go to the gym. I guess I can't complain because last night I did go out with La Niña Fresa to a bar in a suburb of Chicago, Hunter's Nightclub. I had a good time. The music was actually VERY good. None of the old crap that they tend to play. Oooh, and not to mention La Niña Fresa was looking especially hot in a black tank top. I told him he's not allowed to wear stuff like that around me because I might molest him, lol.

Well, today I worked and afterwards I began my apartment hunt. I need to move next month because my lease is expiring. I would renew my lease but I hate my apartment so much. Last year I got the bright idea that I should save money by living in a studio instead of a one bedroom. Well, needless to say I have been unable to adjust to living in such a small place. So now my priority is to find a fierce, modern apartment I like and not worry so much about how much the rent costs. I would rather livin in a nice place and pay an extra few hundred dollars a month than to suffer living the shit hole apartment I have now.

Now, I just ate dinner though so I thought I should wait for a little bit and kill time posting some Beefaroni for the weekend. This weekend I have picked a male model, Rusty Joiner. He is featured in the most recent issue of my favorite fag mag, Instinct. You can also find lots of pictures of him at, where he poses in tight shorts, underwear, or shirtless. I love that website :)
So here he is in his full 'bootyliciousness'........

A man's booty is generally not the first thing to call my attention, I generally look at chest/arms before I notice a nice behind, but even I am mesmerized by Mr. Joiners bubble butt! Grrrr! My only complaint though is he needs to shave and get a new haircut, but I guess no one is perfect.


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