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Ok, so I have permission from Espelina to copy her post about here i go (although mine isn't as good since I am not a native Chicagoian).

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life in Chicago:
Med Tech at Northwestern Memorial (in the Blood Bank)
Med Tech at St. Mary's (on Western and Division aka Little Puerto Rico)
Med Tech at Hinsdale Hospital (the suburbs count, right?)
Male Escort on Chicago Web Boys

Four Movies Set in Chicago I Could Watch Over And Over:
Adventures in Babysitting
Candyman (one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. If I stayed a night at Cabrini green I would be more worried about Candyman than the gang bangers!)
Mean Girls (this is set in Evanston, so that counts, right? Anyhoo, I am not a fan of these teen movies usually but this was an exception)
Child's Play (the first one only!)

and was Flatliners set in Chicago or am I crazy?

Four Places I've Lived In Chicago:
Lincoln Park (Clark/Diversey)
Boystown (Belmont/Broadway)
West Loop (Madison/Jefferson)
Hopefully there won't be a fourth place for a very long time! i'm sick of moving!

Four Chicago-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
Married....With Children
Jerry Springer
Webster (that was Chicago right?
Family Matters (I always identified with Steve Urkel as a kid)

Four Places I Would Vacation At In Chicago:
The Hyatt on Wacker
Navy Pier
The Shedd Aquarium (my favorite tourist attraction so far)
Steamworks :)=

Four Chicago-Based Websites I Visit Daily:
Channel 7's traffic report
Quiero Ser Santa

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In Chicago:
Las MaƱanitas on Halsted (the cheese enchiladas are fierce)
Joy's (the only Thai restaurant I REALLY like...and it's cheap!)
Wrigleyville Taco Bell (all the drunk straight boys are fun to watch after a game)
TGI Fridays on Michigan Ave (really, the service and food is fierce considering it's a chain restaurant)

Four Places In Chicago I Would Rather Be Right Now:
at home (boring but true)I agree with Espelina
at Roscoes with friends on a Sunday (trashy 80's/90's videos rock!)
on Michigan Avenue with someone else's money and/or cradit card :)
Oak Street beach (in summer of course)


Blogger espelina said...

Yay, you did it!
OOohh, I forgot Child's Play! And Married with Children! hahaha
on Michigan Avenue with someone else's money and/or cradit card :) I AGREE!!

2:35 PM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

damn i forgot MEAN GIRLS!!! how could i????

8:07 PM  

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