Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Goodbye Gay Gaymers!

Although I am not a sports enthusiast, I do regret that I was unable to at least be in Boystown more this past week. I was out three nights and the atmosphere was just completely different that what I am used to. Without a doubt this was due to the thousands of visitors and athletes from around the world that came to our fierce city, Chicago. I must say it was so nice to see some new (and smiling!) faces in the city. I hope the cynical, unfriendly bitter queens that are unfortunately very abundant in Chicago didn't make for a bad impression!

Nevertheless, I did get to finally the one and only Kristine W live at Hunters. Not much can be said about the bar. It was the usual scary suburbanites and 80 year old trannies, but Kristine W tore the roof off that mutha! Wow. I was absolutely speechless. The bitch is fierce. She is like this huge drag queen trapped in a woman's body. She can sing, write, produce, play guitar, saxophone and percussion. Her acapella performance of her club classic "Feel What You Want" sent chills down my spine. Not often do you hear someone sing as well live as they sound on their CD. Kristine W is 100% talent, no computers are needed to enhance her voice! The energy this woman exudes is also incredible. She may never have a mainstream pop hit record, but she keeps it real for her club fans and she even performed for us a brand new track that hasn't been released yet. "Walk Away" is a loud diva anthem waiting to happen and I can't wait to buy it!

Sunday night I went to Crobar with Jorgillo. It was their "Gay Games Closing" party with the uber cutie DJ Tony Moran. He was looking pectacular with his low cut v-neck t-shirt. Yum! I even ran into fellow blogger, Michael! I recognized him immediately because of that friendly smile of his!


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