Friday, July 21, 2006

Mental Health Day

I needed to take a mental health day from work. The past two days I worked double shifts, had to endure limited air conditioning (which isn't bad by itself, but in a medical laboratory it's already 500 degrees), horrific traffic and two days in a row with a the "dumb co-worker". On top of that it was busy beyond belief. Now, normally my job(s) are mind numbingly boring so this was all quite a shock to my system. I got home last night and felt like death!

This past weekend my friend Michelle came to visit. We did the usual: watched movies, went clubbing, got drunk, went shopping, got drunk, etc. it is unbelievable to see what the Gay Games has done to Chicago, especially Boystown. I was at Circuit with Michelle, My Milwaukee Sister, Rob, and Sal and me tell you it was crowded and fun! DJ Tracy Young was the guest DJ and she played all of my favorite fierce club songs. The amount of tourists though became even more evident when I took Sal to Boystown on Wednesday. There were lines everywhere. It was out of control! Normally Spin is the only crowded place. I guess I didn't realize how big these Gay Games are. They are getting coverage in all of the major newspapers, news channels, etc. Michael has dedicated several entertaining and informative posts about the games. He has also added lots of new eye candy to his blog. My beefaroni posts look like Disney in comparison! lol

And finally, as I get ready to bring my Mental Health Day to an end, I MUST talk about the movie Michelle had me watch last weekend.......

This movie is a masterpiece! It's hard to describe this film. It's a dark comedy I suppose....but not really. AllI can say is from the quirky characters, the amazing soundtrack (which is about as important to the movie as the actors) to the brilliant ending, this movie will easily go down as one of my all time favorites.


Blogger Michael said...

Hey, was great to meet you Sunday! Amazing how the internet finds new ways to bring people together...combine that with an opportunity for gay men to dance, and you're bound to meet someone new! :)

Also, thanks for mentioning my blog posts! Glad you like the eye candy...I figured it might be received well, and maybe people will read my posts occasionally if they stop by to check on the

4:06 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

It was nice meeting you too! I am just happy I wasn't drunk so I actually remembered it happening! The internet is truly wonderful!

10:48 AM  
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