Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Velocity of Eddie

Don't you hate when start to watch a movie and you begin to realize during the first few scenes that you have seen it before? You can't remember exactly when you saw it or what the exact plot was and it is frustrating as hell! This happened to me this weekend with this movie:

I had to work this weekend but JQ came over for a little bit Saturday night. We were watching Notorious C.H.O. on Logo (did I mention I finally got cable again last month and I am loving it? I'll save that for another post). I had seen that before but Margaret Cho is always funny, regardless. Anyhoo, that was followed by "The Velocity Of Gary". Now I totally remember the opening scene with the deaf tranny who claims he lost his hearing because of "too much applause", but I will be damned if I can remember the rest of the movie or when the hell I even saw it! God, it sucks getting old! lol

However, the point of today's post is not to put my premature senility in the spotlight, but to have a quick appreciation for Salma Hayek

She's pretty and has big boobies! What's there not to love? But seriously, I am not one to obsess over an actress, but I appreciate the variety of films Salma appears in. I have a very "unique" taste in movies so it is always a shock to see a mainstream actress like Salma playing a waitress in a gay/HIV film (The Velocity of Gary), an alien highschool nurse (The Faculty) or an aspiring disco singer (Studio 54).

Anyhoo, so I didn't finish watching the movie since it was getting late. I suppose I will have to rent it one night so I can actually remember what the hell happens!


Blogger bomitoni said...

salma is my bitch! she is the one actress i do obsess over. i haven't seen that move in years. i better by it on DVD before it goes out of print.

9:19 PM  
Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

I love Salma as well. I love how she is such a bitch and gets what she wants. I love how she thinks of her beauty as a double edged sword and didn't allow it to become her calling card while making her own opportunities in Hollywood when others weren't trying to help her.

I don't watch alot of movies either. Not even sure if I saw the Velocity of Gary. Hope u had fun with JQ. :P

3:17 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Yes, Salma is definitely a dynamic and versatile actress. Anything verstaile is an A+ in my book! :p

8:34 PM  

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