Thursday, October 11, 2007

My New Boyfriends Part 2

With a new neighborhood comes a new gym. While I wait for the new (and soon to be fiercest gym in Chicago!) Lakeview Athletic Club to open in November, I am working out at the sister club, Lincoln Park Athletic Club. I will admit at my old gym there was the occasional Bollywood hottie but for the most part those men just looked horribly malnourished and were in desperate need of fashion advice. I mean, I do find Indian men to be hot but not when they look like prisoners of war at a K-Mart boot camp. I completely forgot what it's like to go to a swanky and trendy northside gym! Woo hoo! There is Beefaroni all over the place. I practically want to chase all of the hot guys and lick the sweat off of the equipment they just used! Oh wait, that sounds kind of gross, nevermind.

Anyhoo, what is so wonderful about all of these hot Lincoln Park muscle gym rats is the fact that they inspire me to go to the gym too! I mean, the alternative to spending an hour or two at the gym would be to sit at home. Since all of my sex slaves escaped during the move there really are no hot guys for me to stare at in my apartment so I might as well get off my but, put on my cutest jock strap and head to the gym!


Blogger L'Innommable said...

Lick the sweat off the equipment? Right. Everyone knows what you really wanna lick.

Isn't if funny... a bit ago I heard that it was found that obesity might be contagious. Sounds like you've caught the opposite bug... Good for you.

Wish I could find the motivation. Hmmm....

6:17 PM  

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