Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm not the only one!

Ok, so I swear I am not going to have anymore Dannii posts......for awghile at least, lol, but I just had to share this.......


Dannii's just Kyles better
Polly Hudson 15/11/2007

Have you ever had a sudden moment of complete clarity? I had one last weekend.

Everything I thought I knew fell by the wayside - for the first time I saw things as they truly are. Dannii is totally the better Minogue sister.

(Did you hear that thud? That was the sound of every gay Mirror reader in the country throwing their paper down in disgust.)

Dannii has made The X Factor a better show. She's a great mentor and proved last week just how well she knows her stuff - who would have thought Rhydian was capable of that performance?
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But much more importantly, Dannii's added a fashion element to the programme.

I always want to know where she got her dress and shoes from, something I have also wondered about Sharon Osbourne once or twice, but in a very different way.

Plus Dannii must be applauded for the fact that she's never had the same hairstyle twice or worn the same colour nail varnish two weeks running - including the auditions.

The simple fact is that Dannii's had to work much harder for everything - jobs, record deals, public approval - than her sister has.

Obviously it's fantastic that Kylie's healthy again but since her illness she's been put on a ridiculous pedestal. She's Brave Kylie - and she can do no wrong.

If Kylie kicked a kitten in the head we'd probably say it was the kitten's fault for getting in the way and what was the selfish beast doing hanging around, trying to deflect attention from Kylie in the first place?

Then we'd have it put down and dance (possibly The Locomotion) on its grave.

Yes, Kylie's fought through some dark times but many women have faced breast cancer and remain uncelebrated. And I'm not just talking about Joan Public, even other celebrities aren't afforded the over-the-top plaudits Kylie is. Brave Anastasia, anyone?

Kylie's not a saint, she's just a singer. She makes great pop music - her new album is properly amazing - but she's bland.

Dannii's feisty, minxy, fun. She's determined, thick-skinned (that's not a Botox gag) and has had to use her actual brain to get to the top. So that's it, I've picked a side.

From now on, I'm Strictly Team Dannii. I might even get a T-shirt with that on the front - STD... Oh


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