Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spice Up Your Life

My last post had me reminiscing about 1997, the year I graduated from high school (ugh, and to think I am STILL in school!). That was also the year the Spice Girls took North America by storm and brought a bit of campy Brit pop culture to the American mainstream. So now the Spice Girls have reunited. I ALMOST bought tickets for the tour but I changed my mind since I was never really a big fan. Not to mention Private Dancer and I have decided to do something rather extravagant for New Years Eve so I wanted to save my money for that (more details on that later). Anyhoo, I came across this commercial the reunited girls did for a popular store in the UK. It's a simple ad but so funny that i couldn;t stop watching it on youtube.

The Spice Girls also got me reminiscing about my first job working in a hospital laboratory when I was 19. Unlike the job I have today, I actually had a bunch of fun coworkers I could relate to (Tracy M, if you are out there girlfriend you need to get in touch with me ASAP!) Well, my "clique" often made fun of, or perhaps I should say were annoyed, by another clique of coworkers that were basically a bunch of slacker bitches. Well, since making fun of people is never fun when you do it alone, my clique and I decided to give all of the slacker bitches "Spice Girl" names! I know, how childish.

So we had:

Slacker Spice She was the leader of the group....and also the first one to run to our supervisor crying if anyone even suggested she was not doing her fair share of work.

Baby Spice She cried like a fucking baby over everything and anything. It was hard to believe though when we found out that she actually PHYSICALLY abused her husband! lol

Cocaine Spice She was a coke head. Need I say more? We always wondered though if she took a break from her habit once she got pregnant. We also wondered if she even knew who the father of the child was.

Shoe Spice This bitch got beat upside the head with a shoe one day by another angry co-worker. This was the most appropriate nickname for her.

Necrophilia Spice She was the epitomy of a dumb blonde. She earned her nickname one day when she was telling us how tired she was and that she must be a "necrophiliac". I think the poor girl meant to say "narcoleptic". At least I hope that's what she meant to say......


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