Saturday, October 20, 2007


I just got home tonight after seeing the latest Luna Negra performance at the Harris Theater in Millenium Park tonight. I went with my Lesbian Friend and we had a wonderfu night.....well, except for the crappy over priced restaurant we ate at. I think it was called "La Estrada"? Anyhoo, it's on the corner of Randolph and Michigan Avenue and I DO NOT recommend it at all unless you like expensive, pretentious restaurants that don't know how to cook their food and have a staff that appears to be intoxicated with some sort of illegal substance. As for the show, it was great. I never thought I would become such a fan of ballet. Perhaps I really am getting old, lol.

My original plans for after the show were to head to Halsted St and get drunk. Since moving back to Boystown I have yet to take advantage of the fact I am once again just a 5 minute walk from all of the bars and clubs. I simply have had no time with school and the move. Well, I decided with another big pharmacology exam this Monday I should do the responsible thing and study the rest of the weekend. Anyhoo, the point of bringing this up is not to bore everyone with stories of my studious nature but to point out that although I haven't had much time to re-explore the neighborhood, within the first week I moved back I found out my favorite person in Boystown is still here.

Who might that person be?

Well, if you are from Chicago and have ever been to the 24 hour Walgreens on Belmont and Broadway then chances are you have been checked out by the crazy black lady, Maureen! Now, I am not making fun of Maureen. I think she is possibly the fiercest Walgreens cashier to ever walk the earth. She is always so excited to check people out. Her eyes bug out of her face, she cackles like a crack fiend and gets more excited scanning items than Lindsay Lohan at an all-you-can-snort cocaine bar. Maureen is always sure to comment on everything you are purchasing too. I love it. Only Maureen can make my simple purchase of chapstick and toilet paper into a fun filled extravaganza. And when she gives you your change she makes sure to let you know you are getting a nice crispy Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Jackson, lol. Maureen is truly a gem. I don't think I can adequately describe a Maureen experience in words (did I mention she talks like she just came from the plantation?) but once you experience her you will never want to go to another cashier again! Well, unless you were that poor middle aged white lady buying KY Jelly. Hence the title of my post.

My friend Michelle was the one who actually witnessed this but we still laugh about it three years later. As I mentioned, Maureen likes to announce out loud every product you are buying. (She means well. She usually catches alot of sale items and finds the coupon for you). Well one day a womn was discreetly buying some KY but when Maureen scanned it she yelled out loud in her ebonics accent "LOO-BRAH-KAY-SHUN!". According to Michelle the poor woman looked like she wanted to die. Michelle and I almost died too......from laughter.

I am so happy to see Maureen and I can't wait for my next trip to Walgreens. Maybe I will even pick up some loo-brah-kay-shun while I am there.


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lol! I love it! I need to get to that Walgreens!

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