Saturday, October 18, 2008

Verizon in the PALM of my hand.

Well, my Boo and I severed ties with the Satan Cock Suckers aka AT&T and purchased our new phones, the Palm Centro, with Verizon. I am particularly excited about this phone because not only is it Mac compatible but there are so MANY more applications I can use on it (as a pharmacy student/future PharmD) compared to the iPhone. The iPhone is pretty and being a fan of Apple I probably would have gotten one had I stayed with AT&T. However, when I was doing my research before making the switch I started to realize that the services and applications a future pharmacist like myself would be utilizing required a Palm Smartphone. I also began to question the iPhones practicality. It seems to be a computer first and a phone second (many owners I know have made this observation) so perhaps for my purposes this is the one time an Apple product wasn't the best choice for me. I will definitely have to reevaluate the situation once my 2-year Verizon contract ends. For now though, I am going to have fun playing with premium editions of ePocrates, Lexicomp, and Micromedex! Woo hoo!

And did I mention the best part? This super expensive phone was totally FREE with my contract! yaynus in the anus!


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