Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember what I hated the most about being a little kid. No one ever believed me and my opinions were never taken seriously by adults. You see, I was a smart kid and always knew what the fuck I was talking about so it was extra frustrating knowing that my words were always going to fall on deaf ears until I turned 18. I distinctly recall on several occasions trying to explain to grown ups (mostly teachers, counselors and employers) that my mother was a crazy bitch. No one ever believed me. They thought I was exaggerating or perhaps I was the crazy one. My fucking psycho mother would use this to her advantage too. She knew no one was going to believe me so when she would find out I was trying to expose all her dirty secrets she would tell the people that I was horrible problem child that was completely out of control and she was "so concerned" I was going to end up mixed with the wrong crowd. So in the end my desperate pleas for help always backfired and I found myself agreeing with school counselors that I was bad bad son and I need to change because my mommy loves me sooo much.

Do you know how fucking frustrating it is to have to go along with the my mother's made up stories simply because I knew there was no point in arguing otherwise? I guess that just goes to show how smart I really was. lol

Anyhoo, my post really isn't about my bizarre childhood with Mommie Dearest. I'm old now and could give two shits about that. I got bigger fish to fry........like my fucking impending divorce from AT&T

This entire year my cell phone service has been plagued with dropped phone calls and the inability to even dial at times when calling from my home/neighborhood. I have called each time and the same thing has happened. The technical support person acts like I am making this up or that it is JUST my phone and not a problem with their service in my area. I explain to them my phone works just fine when I am in the suburbs. Finally I convince them to look into it and then a few days later they call me back and admit there was indeed a problem with the tower in the area. Unfortunately the tower breaks again and I have to call and go through this shit ALL FUCKING OVER AGAIN! What's worse is that with each subsequent tower failure I face increasing resistance from the technical support people to the point they will fucking lie and tell me that there is no problem in my area and it must be my phone. DO THEY NOT FUCKING THINK I REMEMBER THE LAST 10 TIMES THIS HAPPENED AND THEY ADMITTED THE FAULT WAS THEIRS AND OTHER CUSTOMERS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD WERE CALLING AND COMPLAINING????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! What was really worse was when even my friends started to ask "Are you sure this isn't just a problem with your phone"? No one was believing me despite the fact all evidence points to AT&T and their shitty network. I suddenly felt like the little 11 year old boy sitting in the counselor's office nodding my head in agreement that I was the spawn of Satan because I knew that's exactly what my fucking mother had told the asshole.

So this week I have reached my limit. I called to terminate my contract. Of course they gave me the same run around and to try to calm me down they cut my bill in half. They promised that the problem would be resolved by today.

They lied.

So I am switching to Sprint this Thursday. I had been planning to get an iPhone if I had stayed with At&T but apparently Sprint has a pretty good copy cat version. I am not sure if I will be keeping the same phone number. Maybe that's for the best. My new boyfriend Mario doesn't like the fact I still get random text messages from old FB's.


Blogger musicbeing said...

I had this exact dilemna years ago when I had AT&T. Do you remember all the dropped calls I used to have when speaking to you?

AT&T was indeed the only reason why I was not getting an iPhone. And like you mentioned, all the major carriers have knockoffs. The new G-1 phone that T-Mobile will have sounds promising.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Luis said...

LOL @ "My new boyfriend Mario doesn't like the fact I still get random text messages from old FB's."

1:10 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Someone else told me about the new T-Mobile phone but I need something compatible with my Mac. I have found the perfect phone too! Details to come......

And Luis, you shoudl laugh at my bf's jealous tendencies! He's cute when he gets jealous like that! ;)

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another knock off fatality. Enjoy the misc charges maybe mario will be ur sugardaddy.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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