Sunday, September 28, 2008

But what about my soul?

I might get slack for complaining about this, but in the past 4 days I have been "propositioned" by 5 different guys. You know, I can't have sex with everyone I meet! (Trust me, I've tried though!) Geez! I am so close to changing my number. I am getting tired of all of these people wanting some nookie from me. I have a mind too. What about my soul?

And yes, I realize I am being a major hypocrite considering the title of my blog. But hey, I make the rules around here and can bitch about whatever I feel like.

Hmmmm......I guess I am not so much complaining about all these guys bugging me for some nookie. In fact, I guess it is kind of flattering in a really slutty kind of way, but when I consider some of the surrounding circumstances I feel like telling some of them to go find a good porn and fuck off.

Guy #1 I alluded to this one in a recent post. You know, I've seen him out in the bars. I'm polite and that's about it, but when he found me online this past summer he was suddenly all up in my grill. Ugh. I tried to be nice but I just had to tell this one flat out "NO". Not to mention, I suspect he's into drugs. No thank you!

Guy #2 is also another one I have blogged about. We met back in June. It was amazing.....until he dropped off the face of the earth without any notice. Now two months later I suddenly get a text message "I'm back in town I want to see you". Um, how fucking rude. I don't care how hot he was. I'm not Triple A. You can't call me in an emergency when you are out on the road and expect me to be ready and willing.

Guy #3: Ok, so technically this is one of my Secret Friends. We used to have some benefits awhile back but he got all weird so we stopped and kept things very plutonic. Now out of the blue he wants the benefits back. What the fuck. When you get rid of something on ebay do you contact the buyer months later asking for the item to be returned? Um, no!

Guy #4 is a potential new friend with benefits. He still needs to pass a few more tests and inspections before anything is official. He's what you might call "still in the test drive phase".

Guy #5 is the current FWB: a sexy Russian guy! Yum!


Blogger musicbeing said...

It's spelled "platonic" . Unless your friend is a chemical :)

10:40 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

If I pointed out the typos in your blog I'm afraid I would never leave the house.

But I suppose some pooeple (yes that was intentional right there) have more free time than others.


7:34 AM  
Blogger musicbeing said...


10:17 PM  
Anonymous the t-bones said...

I tried the FWB thing... with an ex... not a good idea.

10:34 PM  

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