Friday, October 10, 2008

Mario and Me, Sitting in a Tree....


So now that I have a pretend boyfriend, I decided I might as well make him as hot as I can possibly imagine. So here you have him folks. Yes, that is my pretend boyfriend you will hear me bragging about..........Mario! Now, I will not seriously be telling people I am dating THE Mario Lopez. I need to make this somewhat believable, but I have picked a name for my pretend boyfriend and "Mario" seems to be absolutely perfect! I think tonight Mario and I are going to go out for a few drinks. You see, it's his birthday today and I want to treat my boo to a night out on the town.....and then finish it off with a hot and steamy birthday celebration at home! Ironically, my new boyfriend's birthday is the same day as his namesake, the real Mario Lopez! What a coincidence!

So I say let's forget for a second that the stock market is crashing, children are starving in Africa, and that Sarah Palin is an ugly cunt face bitch that can't say "nuclear", so that we can rejoice the day the Lord gave this world the Love of Mario!


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