Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Money Changes Everything

I chose a career in the health care field for two reasons. Since I was a little kid I was always intrigued by science and how things work, especially the human body. I can't imagine not being at least somewhat aware of what makes us breathe, move, eat, sweat, piss, shit, bleed, etc. (Don't even get me started on how NICE it is to understand when things go wrong and I am sitting at the doctor's office!) The other reason for dedicating myself to health care was my innate altruist nature (Yes, I know, I am not as self absorbed as I let people believe!). I couldn't ever see myself working in any other sector because I felt that the best career to have was one that helps other people. That's not to say I look down on or disapprove of people who may be actors, retail workers, accountants, architects, etc. I simply believe the difference between having a job and having a career is possessing a force or belief that motivates one to follow a particular professional path. Altruism via medicine and science is what has always motivated me.

I bring this up today because there are downsides to dedicating oneself to a particular profession, especially one that requires a shit load of schooling. I am reading the news lately and I am completely aware that the economy isn't doing that great. However, if someone asked me to explain exactly what was going on I wouldn't be able to. Believe it or not, but during the 5 years I obtained my Bachelor of Science and the 4 years I am currently working on my Doctor of Pharmacy, I have only been required to take ONE semester of economics. Yes, that is correct and not a typo as some people might so obnoxiously point out. :)

Prior to pharmacy school I took a Macroeconomics course at UIC. It was very interesting. I learned about supply, demand, inflation, trade deficits, etc. I had a really hot female professor who undoubtedly gave the straight boys boners whenever she talked about the economy in her leather hooker boots and short skirts. She explained everything very well but to this day I really don't understand how the economy works. The stock market might as well be a Chinese foreign film without subtitles.

So I read about the problems right now and wonder just how bad things really are. I also wonder how many other people out there are like me and don't know what to think. Some analysts make it sound like we are going to become a third world country by next month. Others say it's simply going to be more difficult to borrow money for homes and cars or to even get a credit card.

So, as I don't have the economic knowledge to make heads or tails of the situation, I sleep well knowing my student loans are already approved until I graduate, I don't plan on buying a new car or home anytime soon and I have a shit load of credit cards that I got from 10 years ago when banks gave them away like candy. So I won't panic just yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worst case scenario is that your told that your credit limit has been cut in half!!! Regardless of your credit score. I have scorned you enough for those frequent trips and living beyond your means. Spending more than what you make toodddaayyy. Good thing your so god damn sexy, hell i would hand over my entire salary seeing you shake your money maker ;P I do believe everything will pan out for the best said a kylie minogue fan

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