Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy and Cocktails

I feel like this past week has just been one non-stop roller coaster ride with no chance to take a rest! I finally caught up on my sleep today, which is good considering I have many Halloween festivities. A friend of Mario's sent us an invitation to a Halloween party last month. I initially had to work and was afraid I might not be able to attend but since the host of the party was so kind to give his guests ample notice I was able to switch days with a co-worker. I'm so excited because last year I didn't do anything for Halloween and simply told people I was dressed as an undercover cop!

Last week I was invited to a cocktail/dinner party at a friend's new condo. It was a small group yet we managed to finished off a few bottles of Patron. I barely remember getting home that night. It was quite lovely! I hadn't been that intoxicated in quite awhile!

My work and school schedule carried right through to the Madonna "Sticky And Sweet" tour at the United Center!

I simply had to pose next to that car. It was just so tacky! I loved it!
Anyhoo, as for the concert, I had refrained from reading any reviews before hand so I wouldn't spoil the experience. I have seen the past 4 Madonna tours now and I must say this was my favorite! The show was without a doubt the most visually stimulating of any Madonna show in the past, partly due to the fancy screens in the back and one that hovered over the catwalk. It made for some great "duets"!

The set list featured mostly songs from the new album, but there were plenty of oldies but goodies to keep everyone happy.....well, except for the people in my section. Apparently I had purchased tickets in the "Boring Old White Straight Couples" section. It was so weird to see the entire United Center going crazy and then to look around in front and behind me at the lifeless elderly people. Maybe their hearing aids weren't turned on to hear the show? Hmmm.....oh well! I had great seats nevertheless.

The only part of the show that I thought was absolutely atrocious was this folkloric section. Many of the old songs Madonna performed were sung with new musical arrangements. For the most part this worked quite well, especially the "Like A Prayer" and "Vogue" performances, BUT for "La Isla Bonita" she came out with some bootleg Gypsy Kings and mutilated that songs beyond recognition. Fortunately she redeemed herself when she performed "You Must Love Me". Madonna doesn't have the greatest voice but I appreciate the fact that she must do some vocal training before every tour so she can pull off at least one ballad!

Oh, and the dancing was amazing. I think Madonna is getting too skinny but if you saw the workout she does on stage it's no wonder she is built like a G.L.O.W. girl! lol


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