Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's a Holidannii 2009

This past month I was definitely on a Kylie high with the concert and what not but I think it is time that I update everyone on the "Thinking Man's Minogue" aka "The Pretty Younger Minogue" aka............


I was browsing Youtube recently and came across this very rare Australian TV clip from the late 90's. Not only do we see Dannii sporting her freshly augmented breast and blonde hair but we get to hear her sing her Top 40 smash hit "Disremembrance" completely LIVE! The woman sounds incredible.

Dannii has been very busy these past few years with her various televison commitments (X Factor, Australia's Got Talent) so her music career has been on the back burner for awhile BUT her former record companies recognize the need for Dannii's music on iPods and stereos everywhere. In 2007 we saw the release of 4 separate albums (2 compilations of unreleased material and 2 deluxe editions of her preveious studio albums). In 2009 we get an extra special treat with deluxe editions of her various frist two albums!!!!!

Each album will be remastered and feature a bonus disc full of unreleased remixes and b-sides! But wait.....there is more! After Dannii's 1993 album "Get Into You" failed to have the same impact her debut album did, she and her record company decided to enlist a slew of the hottest dance producers in 1995 to create an album that would firmly cement Dannii's name in history. Unfortunately due to various contractual disagreements the project was abandoned. Dannii would later on record and release her "Girl" album featuring the UK Top 5 smash hit single, "All I Wanna Do". Well, 14 years later Dannii fans can rejoice as this rare collection of 90's gems finally sees the light of day......

Mike over at Pop Trash Addicts has a lovely entry about this release so I won't rehash everything but all I can say is that I am one happy Dannii Minogue fan this holiday season! Um, Kylie who?


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