Saturday, August 29, 2009


The other day my Milwaukee Sister commented on facebook that he had just seen a "raver". Anyone who grew up in the 90's should remember the bracelets, SUPER wide pants (what was the brand? Jnco?), the lollipops, backpacks worn everywhere, shiny t-shirts.......and "techno" music. I will admit I briefly dabbled in the scene. I had a pair of pants that were probably as wide as 3 of me put togther. Anyhoo, my Milwaukee Sister's comment didn't really get me reminiscing about the horrible 90's club/rave fashions BUT it got me thinking about the first song I ever heard in a club. Some people remember their first concert or their first album they ever bought but I distinctly remember that one summer night in 1997 when I ventured into my first nightclub, Metropolis (granted it was an 18 and over night but I was excited nonetheless) and heard the song in the video above. I remember being mesmerized by the blacklights and neon glow sticks of the dancers. I still was in the closet at the time but I also recall how excited I was to see cute boys dancing around me (it was a straight bar but seeing that it was the only underage place in the city it attracted a very mixed crowd). For whatever reason it had never occcured to me to look up this music video until today, even though I played this song at my birthday party earlier this year.

Oh how I miss the days of Qkumba Zoo and Metropolis. Things were so simple back then. My biggest worry was trying not to trip over my pipe leg jeans as I busted some fierce rave moves on the dance floor! I often wonder what became of some of my old raver friends. Perhaps they are managers at Hot Topic now?


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