Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Road Rage (and some beefaroni!)

Grrrrrr! I need to take a moment to vent...
Thank god it is illegal in Chicago to own a gun, because I am afraid I would kill 10 wothless pieces of shit on the road every single day! Since I moved to Chicago from Milwaukee I have learned to accept the fact that people in Illinois drive like maniacs. It is something I have gotten used to. However, I have no patience for slow people who seem to forget that they are not the only people in the road. You know, those people that hold up traffic because they are so fucking stupid they can't pick a lane so they hog both lanes. Or the people that just make an abrupt stop without any notice so they can look at something in the street. Or people who slow down becaue they can't figure out where they are going or what street they are looking for. You know, when I am lost I just fucking pull over and ask for goddamn directions. There's no reason why I have to hold up everyone else's life because of my problems. oooh, and I ABSOLUTELY hate people that can't figure out how to park in a parking structure. I have to deal with the shit every day when I come to work. Hello people, it's not that fucking hard. If you don't see an empty spot you keep going! You are not suppose to stop and fucking contemplate your next move. Today I had some retarded whore in front of me that must have spent a half hour staring at a sign that said "Reserved Doctor's Parking". I wanted to scream "it ain't fucking hieroglyphics bitch, fucking go!" GGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow people should be shot, killed and then ground up and used for dog food.

Ok, that felt good, but to help me feel even better, here's my Beefaroni pick for the week. I have no idea what this guy's name is, but he is a model for the online men's clothing store Undergear. Look at those pecs! yum!
I have been collecting pictures of this guy for almost four years. One of these day when I have some free time I want to take all of the pictures and creat and Beefarnoi Scrapbook/Coffee table book. I'm such a dork! lol

Well, I think I forgot about my road rage now! lol


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