Monday, November 07, 2005

Don't Rush Me!

As I was listneing to Taylor Dayne's "Don't Rush Me" (remember her? the original Anastacia?) I began to think about how I am always rushing or in a hurry. In fact, it seems like the entire city of Chicago is in one big rush to get somewhere. I am not sure where the final destination is but to get in someone's way is taking the risk of being cursed out or even worse. Why is that? I too often find myself in a frantic rush, whether it be in the car, walking, or at a store, and to be quite honest, sometimes I don't even know why I am rushing. Sometimes I have nowhere to even be yet it it is a natural instinct to speed on the expressway or knock some old bitch out of my way that is going too slow in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Slow old people drive me nuts. But is the 5 seconds of time I save by pushing them out of the way going to benefit me? Will driving 65mph instead of 55mpg make that big of a difference, especially when I don't have anywhere to be?

I suspect this phenomenom is not exclusive to Chicago only. It may simply be a side effect of living in any large metropolitan area. When I was in in San Juan this past summer I noticed things are the exact opposite. Everyone takes their time. No rushing, no impatience. It was almost surreal. Even at Booger King, the lady who was getting my tostones (yes! the Booger Kings in Puerto Rico serve tostones instead of onion rings!) took so long I was wondering if she had gone to the mountains and picked the plátanos herself, lol. I didn't mind the tranquility of San Juan and not feeling rush, but I fucking expect fast food to be FAST! What the fuck.

Anyhoo, this past weekend I was almost involed in a terrible car accident because of people's need to rush in this city. It was raining like Hurrican Katrina Saturday night when I left work. Mostly everyone was driving 40mph on the expressway since it was impossible to see. Well, some motherfucking idiot who probably thought he was being cool, passed everyone going 90mph. Needless to say he lost control of his car and crashed into 5 other cars. Nice. Luckily he crashed into everyone ahead of me so I had time to brake and avoid the mess. I was very disappointed when the guy got out of his car unhurt. I know this sounds terrible but I was hoping he would at least have a few borken bones. Reckelss bastards like that need to learn their lesson. I hope the people he crashed into sue the fuck out of him.

well, enough seriousness for now. I need some Beefaroni!! I have two tasty specimens today. Both are Puerto Rican, both are "Michael", both are singers, both are uber hot and neither one has a typical hispanic last name......

Michael Stuart and Michael Deiss

I have a bad habit of buy a cute boy singer's cd simply because i think he looks hot on the cover. Fortunately, both of these cute boy singers actually had good music too! I wish I could say the same about Eduardo Verastegui's album ,lol. That was awful, and he wasn't even shirtless in any of the pictures :(

Ok, I must 'hurry' off now to release some pressure after posting all of these pictures :)=


Blogger Pinche Guero said...

I can't stand slow old people! I'm always in a rush too. :) You can't be a slow fucker in the city. Haha.

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