Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I must 'come clean'.

One should never say never! Today I purchased two cd's by two artists I never thought I would ever support...........

I have always considered Shitney Queers the pop music anti-christ since her debut, but to my surprise she has managed to win me over as a fan. Her club remixes are always fierce and even some of her recent non-remixed songs have been good (Breathe On Me, Do Somethin'). This remix album is the PERFECT companion to Madonna's new dancetastic album.

As for Hilary Duff, I was always indifferent, but last week I was listening to clips of her songs on iTunes and I loved them! This is definitely an album I would play in the privacy of my own home. I think I would be too embarrased to blast something like "Come Clean" in my car!

And finally, look what is out on DVD....oh.my.fucking.god.

No, that isn't the movie you are looking at, it's the TV series from the 80's!!!!!!! This was one of my favorite tv shows as a kid! In 4th grade I even started a "War Of The Worlds" fan club. I was such a dork that my friends and I would even stay inside during recess so we could reenact scenes from the show! God I was such a freak even when I was 9! lol

if you haven't seen the TV, but did see the recent Steven Spielberg movie, you should check this out. The special effects weren't great, but the stories were quite strong and entertaining. Too bad Paramount ruined it in the second season.


Blogger bomitoni said...

sista m...dont' worry i will be purchasing the remix album as well (the clips sound fierce!!)...

oh no! i can't believe u bought hilary duff! i mean i like her, but then again it seems so not u. oh no! we can sing her songs on sat. lol!

9:33 PM  
Blogger HollywoodSupastar said...

I frown upon Duff supporters. Grow up ho!

11:00 PM  

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