Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I see London, I see France.......

......I see Chicago_Sexbox's underpants.

I have recently discovered this new line of underwear by Ginch Gonch. Normally I am not one to get too excited about underwear. Despite my desire for trendy Diesel clothing, I was always happy with just plain Hanes bikini briefs from Targhetto (yes, even I have welfare store favorites!). Occasionally I would splurge and get some specialty underwear, like these red mesh briefs, from Undergear

I especially loved those red briefs because unlike alot of men's underwear that seems to be designed for Ken Dolls, those underwear actualy have a built in pouch to hold your cock and balls without squishing them. Anhyoo, in a recent Undergear catalogue, I saw this BEEFARONI model wearing these uber cute briefs:

They were very pricey, as is most of the trendy undies marketed to gay men, but I took my chances and ordered one pair. I got them last week and was in love. They were worth every penny! And I absolutely love the patterns. They remind me of the underwear I used to wear as a kid with pictures of Batman abd Superman on the butt. The Ginch Gonch are very childlike, but the names of the various prints are actually quite sexually suggestive, Piggie Bottoms, Woodies, Wiener Eaters, etc. Not only is the product brilliant but so is the ad campaign!

Well, I was overjoyed to find out that there was a porn shop (of all places) here in Chicagio that carries this brand of underwear. So yesterday I went and bought several pairs. Here are some of the designs I purchased:

So to continue with the underwear theme of today's post, I bring to you my BEFFARONI pick of the week, my third favorite underwear model from the Undergear/International Male catalogues. I've already posted a few of his pictures, but here are two more...... Grrrrrr......


Blogger bomitoni said...

I thought on I was on internationalmale.com for a second! LOL!

it's nice to know that you can get off your highhorse for awhile and shop at welfare stores. maybe your heart isn't as cold as people think. food for thought.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Well, you know, when I go to Targhetto it's my oportunity to see how the less fortunate live, you know, kind of like the zoo.

9:16 PM  
Blogger equippedtofascinate said...

There's nothing better then good unders. I think I may have to check these out.

11:22 PM  
Blogger equippedtofascinate said...

I'm a little disappointed by this post though. I hoped there would be a picture of you in your new underwear.

12:05 AM  
Blogger MatadorMexicano said...

you promised us a picture of you in those undies!!!!!1 i demand that you deliver the promise!

12:18 AM  
Blogger Chargenda said...

Yeah, I vote for pics of you in those undies. Thanks for the link!

12:57 PM  
Blogger espelina said...

such cute underwear! I agree, that guy is a major beefaroni.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Pinche Guero said...

I didn't know there was so much variety in mens undies. I'm happy with my hanes boxer-briefs though. lol

3:07 AM  
Blogger Chargenda said...

I got to see these undies on you last night! But, just a peek.

10:03 AM  

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