Friday, April 14, 2006


A few weeks ago I posted about my bad junk food habits. Well, believe it or not, I successfully managed to eliminate the bulk of the crap I was eating from my diet. What's even more shocking (you better sit down kids for this one), I have been to Taco Bell only ONCE in the past MONTH!!!!!

What's so funny is I really don't miss any of the high fat, greasy shit I was eating. I have continued to go to Chipotle, but instead of getting a chicken burrito, I have been getting the vegetarian burrito (NO sour cream, NO cheese). Ironically, one day I thought I would treat myself to a regular chicken burrito and afterwards I physically felt ill! Yuck! I will admit that I have had a candybar here and there, but otherwise I am very proud of my sudden change of eating habits.

Now I am seriously considering taking things to the next level and becoming a vegetarian. I have never been a big fan of meat as it is. In fact, I have NEVER bought raw meat from the store and cooked it at home....EVER! So I think this summer I am going to slowly phase out meat from my diet. I doubt I will become vegan (although I think I am going to try drinking soy milk), but I am going to see how things go.

Are there any vegetarians out there that can give me some tips????


Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

U felt ill after eating a chicken burrito at Chipotle because their meat is disgusting! I used to think that it was all the spicy shit I put on it that gave me a stomach ache...but once I had a vegetarian burrito I felt fine. That's the only kind of dish I get when and if I go to Chipotle

1:21 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

You know I was actually a vegetarian for years (used to work on a farm as a child and saw things I didn't agree with). I still don't eat beef or pork, and never will again. I have allowed chicken, turkey & fish into my diet for extra protien. Good luck with it!! I don't eat much meat myself and feel so much better for it!


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