Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm gay......DUH!

Wow. I thought that Darren Hayes's announcement that he was gay was so anti-climatic and nonshocking, but Lance Bass's recent coming out is an even bigger joke. Come on sweetie, for years you were known as the "Gay Nsync Boy" (well, I also nicknamed you "Toxic Thyroid Boy" to help cope with those scary bug eyes of yours). I mean, who else is going to "shock" us next? Ricky Martin? Tom Cruise? Rupaul?

You know, I really hate it when celebrities come out only once they become 'has beens' or Z-listers. I don't see why they get so much credit for coming out at a point in their career when they have nothing to lose. That is hardly something worth bragging about. At least Darren Hayes had alluded to the fact he was gay through his music, but Lance Bass? He's a fucking pussy if you ask me. Sure, it was noble for him not to jeopardize the careers of his fellow bandmates, but once Nysnc went on "hiatus", Lance had the perfect opportunity to come out.

Well, perhaps I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he wasn't ready to address this issue. However, what really has got me all worked up is a comment he made in his interview with People magazine. He describes himself as "straight acting". Wow. Did he leave part of his brain up in space that one time? It's the only explanation as to how someone can be so out of touch with reality. LANCE, YOU FUCKING HOMO, YOU WERE KNOWN FOR YEARS AS THE GAY NSYNC-ER. YOU WEREN'T FOOLING ANYONE BUT A BUNCH OF DOWN SYNDROME 6 YEAR OLD GIRLS IN KANSAS.

On a lighter note, do you guys think Lance's favorite Nsync song was "I Need Love"?


Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

I'm more disgusted at his awful nose jobs! He had one prior to joining Nsync in 1998, which he needed cuz it was huge...then he had another one a few years back and now looks nasty and gross.

Will that be his next revelation? It may shock retards too.

Look for his "I fucked Joey Fatone" story soon too...I know that shit was happening back in the day

1:25 AM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

now if joey fatone were gay...dio' mío. lance bass is gross. i mean he's friends w/ kathy griffin and tiffany, can u be any gayer????

9:22 PM  
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