Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pink Is The New Underwear

Much to my friend Reni's diappointment, I purchased the pink underwear you see above. I can't wait to wear them! I have never owned pink underwear (just pink speedos). I absolutely love the C-InĀ² brand of underwear. They sit low on the waist so they are perfect with my favorite Diesel jeans, which also sit very low on the waist. However, whatt makes these underwear extra special is the built in Sling Technology. What is "Sling Technology" you ask? Basically, these underwear are like the Wonderbra for men. There is a strap in the pouch that goes around your cock and balls thus pushing them forward and enhancing your bulge! I have noticed that so many briefs have a tendency to diminish bulge size so it is wonderful to find a company that has actually taken the time to reverse this horrid phenomenom. If only all of the problems plaguing the world today could be solved with a built in cock ring!